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L1A Visa

L1A visa the temporary visa for entering the United States of America for a shorter span of time. L1A Visa is regarded as the non-immigrant visa provided to foreign nationals with an executive or managerial status. These nationals intend to work in the United States branches of the respective companies.

    • Visa holders of L1A Visas might consider working, living, and traveling legally within the United States

    • Dependents of the L1A visa holders might accompany the individual to the United States of America

    • Holders of this visa might also apply for permanent residency

    • L1A Visa permits a foreign organization to set up a branch in the United States of America

Validity of L1A Visa

  • The non-immigrant worker L1A Visa is provided for a period of one year for startups or new companies and three years for existing companies. L1A employees can be granted the respective visa extensions for up to two years of increments for around 7 years.

Eligibility of L1A Visas

You are expected to be an executive or manager in a company to serve as eligible for obtaining L1A Visa to the United States of America. It will also be imparted to the executives who wish to set up their company subsidiary or branch in the United States of America.

Processing Time for L1A Visa

The L1A Visa can take around 6 months of total processing time. The time will ultimately depend on the embassy or consulate from which you might be applying:

    • If you are paying the premium cost of $1225, then the processing time for L1A Visa will be around 1 to 2 weeks
    • If your company will have a blanket approval, you can ensure faster processing of the visa

    If you wish to speed up the processing time for your L1A Visa, then you can consider paying a premium fee as a foreign worker.