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Introduction of Mr. Bilal Khaleeq

Bilal A Khaleeq has the knowledge, experience, and skills to help you realize your dream to relocate, settle and eventually immigrate to the United States.

Mr. Khaleeq is himself an immigrant and a serial entrepreneur starting his first business right out of college and has continued to initiate, build and run several successful enterprises. Mr. Khaleeq’s knowledge spans several industries over many decades and has helped thousands of families settle successfully in the United States.

Himself an immigrant, Mr. Khaleeq has the expertise to guide his clients through any aspect of relocating to the United States through various immigration options by acquiring, running and managing of business enterprises in the United States, no matter the size, the type of business or the ownership structure. Whether you want to purchase a franchise, start your business or enter a partnership, Mr. Khaleeq can provide the insights and expertise to make it happen.

So contact Mr. Khaleeq now and have immigration process started.