P1 Visa

P1 Visa

The P1 entertainment visa is a type of non-immigrant visa to the United States of America. It allows foreign nationals deployed in professional sports, art, or entertainment to enter the United States to attend an event, performance, or competition.

Eligibility for P1 Visa

An athlete, entertainer, or performer in the field of art with an international reputation can think of entering the United States through a P1 Visa. The professional will require a visa to attend some event or be a part of any performance of international standards.

Privileges on the P1 Visa

Duration of Stay with the P1 Visa

With a P1 Visa, you can stay in the United States for 5 years. The extensions of this period cannot exceed 10 years.

Applying for the Extension of the P1 Visa

Yes, you can apply for an extension of the P1 Visa.

Studying for P1 Visa

Yes, you can engage in part-time study on your P1 Visa in the United States.

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