J1 Visa

J1 Visa

The J1 Is a type of visa under the United States Student and Exchange visa spectrum. With this visa, you are allowed to ensure a temporary stay in the country. If you wish to qualify for the  J1 Visa, you must apply for some educational program or work through an assigned sponsor in the United States. Once you have received acceptance into the program, you can apply for the J1 Visa.

Types of J1 Visa

J1 Visa is known to feature multiple categories that you can choose from. It would ultimately depend on the exchange program to which you belong. Some of the common categories of the J1 Visa are:

F1 Visa Requirements

Some important documents that you need while applying for the F1 Visa are:

Applying for the J1 Visa

If you wish to apply for the J1 Visa, here are some requirements you should fulfill:

Requirements for J1 Visa

When you are applying for the J1 Visa, here are some important documents for you to have:

Duration of Stay in the United States with J1 Visa

You can stay in the United States for around 2-3 years with a J1 Visa. However, the overall duration of your stay in the country might alter depending on the educational course that you choose for your career.

Extension of J1 Visa

You can apply for the extension of your J1 Visa by requesting an extension of the program you are undertaking.

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