I Visa

I Visa

The I Visa is a type of non-immigrant visa allowing bona fide foreign nationals who serve to be the representatives of radio, foreign press, film, and other forms of foreign information media to enter the United States concerning the production of news-worthy events or documentaries.

Eligibility for I Visa

Video editors, film crew, reporters, employees of independent production companies, freelance journalists working under a contract, and other individuals of a similar professional background can apply for I Visa. Both film and print activities are included in the given category. The media you represent should have an established office back in the native country.

Qualifying for the I Visa

Towards qualifying for the I Visa, the applicant should:

Privileges with I Visa

Once you have the I Visa, you can:

Enter the United States and start working for foreign films, press, television, or some other media for a short-term period

Duration limit of the I Visa?

There is no limitation on the overall stay in the United States with I Visa. You can look forward to staying for an unlimited period of time with the help of one-year visa extensions. You should, however, continue serving in the same position for which you have been granted the I Visa.

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