Green Card Through Marriage

Green Card Through Marriage

For a foreign spouse to obtain a Green Card in the United States and immigrate to the nation, they would require a Spouse Visa.

The Spouse’s Green Card or Green Card Through Marriage allows an individual from some foreign nation to marry a United States citizen. The Green Card will allow the individual to move to the United States while living there permanently. It also allows them to attend school and even work in the United States. The couple is allowed to move anywhere within the country.

Types of Marriage Green Cards

IR1 Visa

After two years of marriage, the foreign spouse can consider transitioning to the IR1 or Immediate Relative Spouse Visa. This will offer them the status of permanent residents.

CR1 Visa

If the couple has been married recently and the foreign spouse wishes to apply for the Green Card Through Marriage, then they will have to apply for the CR1 Visa. It is also known as a Conditional Resident Spouse Visa. The visa allows foreign nationals to move to the United States on an immigrant status with the help of the Green Card. There is a condition that the married couple is expected to be married for at least 2 years.

Documents Required for Green Card Through Marriage

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