E3 Visa


An E3 Visa is an all-new visa category that is intended only for Australian nationals to enter the United

The states of America for working temporarily in some speciality occupation. These speciality occupations

typically require a university degree and degree-level skills and knowledge to fulfil the position’s duties. A U.S. employer must sponsor the visa and meet specific qualifications.

Qualifying for the E3 Visa

The classification of the new E3 Visa applies only to the residents of Australia along with their spouses and children. For qualifying for the E3 Visa, it is important to look into the following:

What is a Specialty Occupation for E3 Visa?

As per the definition of speciality occupation, it will require the following:

How to Apply for the E3 Visa?

Once you’ve compiled all the documentation, the applicant must apply at a U.S. consulate or embassy in Australia. This first-time application is faster than many visa applications that occur within the U.S. and is often approved at the time of the interview and issued within five business days

What is the Validity of E3 Visa?

One major bonus of the E-3 visa is that it can be renewed indefinitely. The visa itself is valid for 24 months or as long as the employer’s LCA is valid, whichever comes first. Renewals are processed with the I-129 form

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