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We provide highly reliable service:

We understand you eagerly want to make the USA your home, Providing you with complete guidance and requirements.

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We make sure no law is broken, and there are no such regulations that are missed from our side

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You provide us with the documents, and we process the immigration in the smoothest way possible, making it hassle-free

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Investment Visa

We will help you find the business so you can get investor status. Many people have been looking to get an investor Visa.

Employment Visa

We provide you with a smooth employment visa immigration without any disturbance.

Student Visa

A student visa is what every other student requires. The process is no doubt exhausting if not done properly.


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Investors from eligible or qualifying nations might apply for the E2 visa to ‘direct and develop their respective businesses. They can also apply for E2 visas for specialist employees and key managerial roles that are especially helpful for medium-scale and large-sized businesses. Applicants can typically apply for the E2 Visa at the respective US Consulate, or Embassy accredited to the location of permanent residence. As an integral part of the process of visa application, an interview at the consular section of the consulate is required for visa applicants from the age of 14 years to 79 years. Individuals aged 13 years or younger and above the age of 80 usually do not require a proper interview –unless the consulate or embassy requests it. During the E2 visa application process, typically at the interview, a digital and in-free fingerprint scan is taken before the process of interview. Some applicants might require additional screening. The process of E2 visa application can vary from one consular post to another –from one country to another. This is because there are differences in the overall policies and visa processing methods.

If you wish to apply for the F1 Visa, here are some requirements to fulfil:
● Getting admitted into a SEVP or Student Exchange Visitor Program accepted educational institution
● Getting enrolled as a full-time student at the institution
● Having strong and trustworthy ties with the native country
● Providing proof of financial security

Immediate Relative Spouse Visa or IR1 Conditional Resident Spouse Visa or CR1

If you are a citizen of the United States and have parents who are not US citizens, then you can have them apply for the IR-5 Visa to obtain a Green Card. The IR-5 Parent Visa to the United States allows US citizens to bring foreign parents to the country as permanent residents. This visa is expected to be issued or granted abroad at the respective US Embassy or Consulate in the foreign country wherein the parent resides. You are also expected to be at least 21 years of age to sponsor the IR-5 visa for the parents.

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Mary Gregory

Bold USA made my immigration process extremely hassle-free. I am today happily a citizen of the USA.

Jack Harison

Immigration of my spouse was under process. Bold USA made the entire process smooth and quick.

Anna Rose

BOLD makes the immigration process very welcoming and flawless.

Tom Harris

Bold provided me a proper guide and made the process extremely smooth.

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